General Purchase Conditions

1. Parties

On the one hand, MORGAN & MOORE, SL (hereinafter "Ü Brand") is a Spanish company, with CIF B73940215, holder of the platform (hereinafter, the Website), and of another, the Purchaser, understood as any Registered User as provided in the Terms of Use, of legal age and with legal capacity and act necessary, to complete the steps established in it aimed at acquiring products offered by the Website.

2. Object

The purpose of these General Purchase Conditions is to regulate the acquisition by you as a Registered User of products through the Website, in exchange for an economic consideration that corresponds to what is set forth herein.

3. Products

3.1. Offer of Products

The Website offers information about all products for sale, features and prices. However, it reserves the right to withdraw, replace or change the products offered to its customers through its website, by changing the content thereof. The products offered at any time by the Web, will be governed by the general conditions in force in each case, that is why the company will have the power to stop offering, without prior notice and at any time, access to the aforementioned products.

3.2. Availability

The availability of our products may vary depending on the demand of customers. Our stock is updated periodically, but this does not allow us to guarantee that the product you select is not sold out. If so, we will send you an e-mail in which we will inform you about the impossibility of compliance.

4. Description of the purchasepurchase

process Theprocess can be done through the Website, through the identification as a Registered User.

To buy the products available in the catalog, it will be necessary for the User to click on those that appear in the catalog. be of your interest, selecting the option "Add to cart". The selected products will be automatically available to the User in the shopping cart.

Next, the User must:

  1. Click on "Cart" and check that the articles of the cart are those that I select in such a way that I can modify the order, adding or eliminating products.
  2. Once the User has verified that the products of the basket correspond to the selection made, to proceed with the order, he must select "Continue".
  3. After that, the purchase process will be shown on the screen, indicating the characteristics and products that would have been selected, and the User must enter all the necessary data in the event that the purchase is made.

  In all those cases, in which the access had been made in such a way that the information regarding the user's identification data, the address or method of payment had not been obtained, it will be necessary for the user to record such, in such a way that manage the processing of the order.

  1. It will be necessary for the Buyer to select the shipping or collection form.
  2. In the event that the access had been made in such a way that the payment method had not been indicated, it will be necessary for the Purchaser to select the chosen payment method. Currently the means of payment available are:
  3. Debit or credit card: In this case we will need you to provide us with information regarding your card for the sole purpose of processing the payment.
  4. Paypal: for more information visit http:
  5. Wire transfer.
  6. Once the User has provided these data, after reviewing the order and depending on the payment method selected, proceed to payment, and thereby confirm their willingness to acquire and formalize the purchase, upon acceptance of these Conditions.
  7. Ü Brand will confirm that it has received the purchase order from the Buyer and, if applicable, the payment of the order. In the same way, it will send by email the corresponding invoice, when the client has requested it. By accepting these Conditions the Buyer allows the sending of an electronic invoice. At any time, you can object to it, indicating it to the email you will find in the Legal Notice.
  8. Once the order has been confirmed, the Buyer will receive it within the term indicated on the Website.

5. Pricing Policy

The prices that are shown on the Website are set by Ü Brand. The prices are shown in Euros. Before purchasing any of the selected products we will show you the prices broken down according to the taxable base and the applicable taxes at each moment.

The prices do not include certain applicable taxes that should be, if applicable, paid by the Customer for shipping reasons. Ü Brand can not determine in advance the taxes that will be applicable, since it will depend on the place from which it contracts. Once the Client has entered this information in the appropriate form, the Client will be shown the information related to the taxes that must be paid.

The transportation and delivery costs of the products will be those indicated on the Website at any time and in the Shipping and Refund Policy.

6. Coupon redemption policy

It is possible that the Website includes promotions and / or discount codes for the accumulation of points on the page. Such circumstances will appear reflected on the screen, as well as the possible conditions applicable in your case. Any modification of the same is subject to the will of Ü Brand.

7. Acceptance of the General Purchase Conditions

When the purchase is made entirely through the Web, you must read these Conditions and accept them expressly, by clicking on the consent checkbox corresponding, which is unchecked by default, at the end of the purchase process.

In case there are special rules or restrictions that affect certain rates, discounts and / or products you have selected, such rules or special restrictions will be shown on the screen before proceeding to the acquisition of the product.

8. Obligations of the parties

8.1. Obligations of the Owner

Ü Brand undertakes to:

  1. Effectively and efficiently carry out all the procedures for the execution of the receipt by the Buyer of the products purchased.
  2. Send the Buyer all the information and documentation necessary to receive the order.
  3. Do not allow any transaction that is illegal, or be considered by the credit card brands or the acquiring bank that may or has the potential to damage the goodwill of the same or negatively influence them. Under the programs of the card brands, the following activities are prohibited: the sale or offer of a product or service that is not in full compliance with all laws applicable to the buyer, issuing bank, merchant, cardholder, or cards; as well as the sale of medicines.
  4. Comply with these obligations as well as any others that may be applicable.

8.2. Obligations of the Buyer

By accepting these Conditions, the Buyer undertakes to:

  1. Pay in due time and form the corresponding amounts that would have been specified in the purchase process. Failure to pay will exempt Ü Brand from compliance with the obligations set forth herein, and any other obligations it may have contracted in return for receiving the economic consideration for the products.
  2. Respond to the truthfulness and authenticity of any data that has been provided for the acquisition of the selected articles.
  3. Assume the responsibilities derived from any of the requirements demanded by these Conditions to hold the condition of Buyer, as well as the lack of necessary documentation for the payment of the purchase.
  4. Comply with any other obligations contained in these Conditions or any other obligations that may be applicable and assume any liability arising from their non-compliance, leaving the Holder totally undamaged.

9. Exclusion of liability

The Holder is in no case liable for any damages caused to the Purchaser for causes attributable to it. Solely and exclusively, Ü Brand will be responsible for any damages caused as a result of purchases made on the Website, as long as they derive from a fraudulent or culpable action of that.

For merely illustrative purposes, Ü Brand is not responsible for:

  1. The value to the Buyer of the products it has acquired, since at no time is the Owner responsible for the selection made, even if it identifies items in combination with the selected products, which Due to their characteristics, they are recommended as accessories and / or accessories.
  2. Personal or material damages caused as a result of the use of the products, as long as the recommendations specified in it have not been followed.
  3. The breach of its obligations for reasons of force majeure as they may be, without intending to be exhaustive, internal or external strikes, natural disasters social revolts, etc.

The Buyer acknowledges that he acquires the articles at his own risk and happiness, limiting the activity of Ü Brand to the execution of the material tasks necessary for delivery, processing and management.

In any case, the responsibility assumed by Ü Brand against the Buyer, in no case includes the loss of profit and will be limited, at most and for any reason, to the total amount received by Ü Brand of the Buyer in consideration for the acquisition of the product in accordance with these Conditions.

10. Compensation

Any type of damage, prejudice, loss or cost (including attorneys 'fees and / or attorneys' fees) arising from a breach by the Buyer of these Conditions or any other applicable, which will incur Ü Brand, shall be compensated by the Buyer that originated it. This covers any claim by third parties arising from such breaches.

11. Modifications

These Conditions may be modified at any time and / or updated without prior notice. The modifications made will come into force as of its publication on the Website, whatever the means and form used for it.

The modification will only affect the Buyers that have accepted it after said modification.

12. Other issues

12.1. Safeguarding and interpreting these Conditions

If the competent authority declares any of these provisions as illegal, invalid or unenforceable, this means that it must be interpreted in the manner closest to the original intention of such provision. In any case, such declaration with respect to some or some clauses will not prejudice the validity of the rest.

The failure of Ü Brand to strictly comply with any of the terms of these Conditions, does not constitute and can not be interpreted in any case as a waiver by you to demand it in the future.

12.2. Language

The applicable language to these Conditions is Spanish. If versions are offered in other languages, it is solely for mere courtesy, for the convenience of the Buyer. Therefore, it expressly accepts that they are governed by their Spanish version. In case of contradiction, the Spanish version will prevail.

12.3. Legislation and jurisdiction

Relations between the Holder and the Buyer shall be governed by Spanish law and any discrepancies or conflicts regarding these Conditions shall be submitted to the Courts and Tribunals of the Purchaser's domicile, provided that the Buyer has the status of consumer and user. in accordance with the applicable regulations. Otherwise, the parties submit to the Courts and Tribunals of Murcia.

If the Buyer has any problem arising from the purchase of the products available in the Website Catalog, you can use the online dispute resolution system of the European Union, accessible from the following link:

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