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Ü Brand from fashion, against fashion

We believe that every individual on this planet should be free to decide who he is and who he wants to be. The limits only exist to surpass them. Behind each border is the new step. Let no one try to define you, in a genre, in a style, in a movement, in an ideology. You are not concrete, you are everything, you are new, you are unique. You are no longer the same person as yesterday and tomorrow only you know who you want to be.

We come to tell a story, with beginning and without end, we want to create souls in a world lacking in critical thinking, we like the transcendental at every minute of our life, and that is why we created this brand, turning our philosophy of questioning by system.

We believe in the concept of intellectualizing through our design, where everything fits like a puzzle, only seeking your attention to show you our vision, and glasses after glasses take you to a world of new ideas.

We want you to stop looking and start creating.

Art is everything, if you know how to observe.                      

Ü Brand.

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