Ego is an illusion

Fear is an illusion

Time is an illusion

The illusion is an image,representation or concept product of the imagination or a distortion of the senses,which does not correspond to reality; It is a hope without logical foundation.

The illusion is not produced by the object,but the judgment we make about it.

The world of appearences is illusiory and you can only have opinions about it and not truths.

"Imagine an underground grotto where men lie chained,in such a way that they know no more from  outside than the shadows that are projected and move on the walls of the cavern. Suppose these men are unable to communicate their thoughts.Isn´t it true that everyone would be convinced that shadows are real objects? Suppose also,that they remove the chains  from one of them and force him to get up and look at the sunlight.He could not do it without pain and the light would prevent him from distinguishing real objects of those who never saw more than the shadows.What would be the response of that man if the told him what he saw before was nothing more than shadows and that now is when he truly contemplates things for the first time?"


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